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COVID-19 Policy
Mandatory Use of Mask or Face Covering within cs2i Offices.
The City of Toronto By-Law 541-2020 came into effect on July 7, 2020 the City, all staff, visitors and customers are required to wear a mask or face covering upon entering and remaining within cs2i offices. The mask or face covering must cover the nose, mouth and chin.
Temporary removal of the mask is permitted where necessary for the purposes of receiving services.
The following persons are exempted from requiring a mask or face covering and will not be required to provide proof of such exemption:
 Children under two years of age.
 Persons with an underlying medical condition which inhibits their ability to wear a mask or face covering.
 Persons who are unable to place, remove, or use a mask or face covering without assistance.
 Employees and operators of the Establishment, in a designed area not for public access, or within or behind a physical barrier.
 Persons who are reasonably accommodated by not wearing a mask or face covering under the Ontario Human Rights Code.
Our staff are trained on the policy including how to respond if various circumstances:
 customer arrived without a mask because they forgot or don't have one
 customer who is exempt from wearing a mask
 customer wanting more information about the policy and bylaw
 customer who becomes aggressive about the new requirement
 customer wanting information about the importance of wearing a mask or the science on the use of masks
 customer asking about the availability of alcohol-based hand sanitizer (70-90% alcohol concentration)
 customer who wants to know if they can be fined.
Ensure that a sign on the bylaw is posted and visible to the public. A sample mandatory mask or face covering poster is available to download, print and post.
This policy has been created in compliance with the City of Toronto By-Law 541-2020.

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